MONSTER Privacy Policy

This website is hosted in Canada. Effective January 1, 2004, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) became law in Canada. PIPEDA sets out the rules for collecting, managing, using and disclosing personal information. At MONSTER we are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information under the applicable privacy protection law. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes MONSTER’s (“our”, “we” or “us”) practices with respect to personal information collected in connection with our website and MONSTER mobile app (collectively, the “Website”). This Policy applies to all individuals who access, browse, or use the Website and/or who submit information through the Website. If you do not agree to the practices described in this Policy, do not access, navigate, or use the Website.

We reserve the right to modify this Policy from time to time. In such cases, we will post the revised version on the Website with a revised Effective Date, and we will try to post it in advance of any changes taking effect. We encourage you to visit this page from time to time to look for updates.


Our Website may allow you to provide information, including personal information, to us. By personal information, we generally mean information that directly identifies you, such as your name, address, billing information, business or financial information, or e-mail address. You can provide personal information to us on a voluntary basis, such as by completing a web form or submitting a question. By doing so, you indicate that you agree to the terms of this Policy. You should not submit any sensitive personal information through the Website as we do not want to receive such information, and we cannot guarantee that sensitive personal information will be maintained confidentially or securely. You also should not submit information about other individuals unless you have permission to do so.

When you provide information and personal information using web forms on our Website, you must complete at least the fields marked with an asterisk; if that compulsory data is not provided, we will not be able to process or respond to your request.

You agree that data you provide is truthful, exact, complete and current, and you accept liability for any damage or harm, direct or indirect, that may arise as a result of non-compliance with this obligation. If the data provided belongs to a third party, you represent and warrant that the third party has been informed about the aspects included in this document and has obtained authorization to pass on personal information to us for the aforementioned purposes and purposes indicated in this Policy.


We may use cookies and other tracking technologies to automatically collect information and personal information about you or any computer or device you use to access the Website. When this information does not constitute personal information, we reserve the right to treat it as personal information under this Policy, but we undertake no obligation to do so. We may place a text file called a “cookie” in the browser files of your computer, tablet, mobile or handheld device, or any other access device (“Access Devices”).

In addition, MONSTER uses encrypted cookies to authenticate the user on each page after the user logs onto the website or through a MONSTER App. You can refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser or through the appropriate “settings” icon of certain Access Devices. If you have set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies, you will receive the warning message with each cookie. Some MONSTER features and services may not function properly if your cookies are disabled.

If you have first provided permission through your Access Devices, MONSTER may obtain location-based information from technologies like GPS, Wi-Fi, or cell tower proximity. You are able to withdraw your permission for MONSTER to acquire location-based information from your Access Devices through your device settings. The MONSTER App can use the geo-location features (GPS or network-based) to support your use of MONSTER services and provide information about nearby vehicle auctions.

When you visit our Website, other parties such as third-party advertising partners and analytics providers may collect information about your online activity over time and across websites. This information may include identifiers that may permit those parties to serve tailored ads to your device. Note that your browser settings may allow you to automatically transmit a “Do Not Track” signal to websites and online services you visit. There is no consensus among industry participants as to what “Do Not Track” means in this context. Like many websites and online services, MONSTER currently does not alter its practices when it receives a “Do Not Track” signal from a visitor’s browser.

MONSTER may store your account information in our databases indefinitely following the termination of your account with MONSTER to the maximum extent permitted by law.


We use, disclose, transmit, provide access to, process, and store information and personal information
for purposes including the following:

  • to send out surveys to users in order to offer and/or improve our services (your response is
  • to send e-mails to you (If you do not wish to receive promotional e-mails from us, please send
    this request via e-mail to [insert Email address]; we still may send you e-mails that are non-
    promotional in nature);
  • to communicate with you about our vehicles, auctions, products, and services that we believe
    may be of interest to you;
  • to respond to your requests and inquiries, or fulfill any purpose for which you provide it;
  • for purposes indicated when the information or personal information is collected;
  • to operate and improve our business and Website;
  • to comply with legal requirements and process (e.g., to respond to court orders, law enforcement and government requests, investigations, subpoenas, etc.);
  • to protect our rights and the rights of others;
  • to enforce this Policy and our other policies;
  • for any other purpose with your consent;
  • in connection with unusual business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions,
    sales of assets, bankruptcies, or the like, which may involve transferring information and
    personal information to third parties in connection with such unusual business transactions;
  • to sellers of items purchased by you, to buyers of items sold by you and to their service
    providers that they may retain to facilitate the assignment of items to MONSTER sales venues,
    and to US state and federal regulatory agencies as part of the title or ownership transfer

We may combine information and personal information you provide with other information about you. We also may use third party service providers or business partners to do any of the activities that we may do under this Policy. It is not possible to describe every potential use, disclosure, transmission, access, processing, or storage of information and personal information, and we reserve the right to engage in any other lawful activity with respect to such information and personal information without notice to you.

Other than as described in this Policy, in general personal information is not shared with third parties for third party commercial purposes, other than to our affiliates and business partners, such as MONSTER AA, Monster Auto Auctions, Monster Auto Brokers, 12077124 Canada Inc., and CoPart Inc. Information that does not constitute personal information can be used for any purpose whatsoever, including the purposes described above and otherwise in this Policy. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION

We have taken what we believe to be commercially reasonable measures to protect personal information that is provided through the Website. Nevertheless, no transmission of information on the Internet is perfectly secure, and we do not promise that the measures we have taken will be sufficient to protect your personal information. In addition, the measures we have taken are not designed for sensitive personal information so please do not provide us with sensitive personal information. The following is a summary of the measures MONSTER takes to protect your information and descriptions of ways we implement these measures for different types of information you may provide to us:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL): MONSTER uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption when transmitting certain kinds of information, such as financial services information or payment information. An icon resembling a padlock is displayed on the bottom of most browsers window during SSL transactions that involve credit cards and other forms of payment. Any time MONSTER asks you for a credit card number for payment or for verification purposes, it will be SSL encrypted. The information you provide will be stored securely on our servers. Once you choose to store or enter your credit card number on MONSTER, it will not be displayed back to you in its entirety when you retrieve or edit it in the future.

Instead of the entire number, you will only see asterisks and either the first four digits or the last four digits of your number.

Vendors and Partners: MONSTER works with vendors and partners to protect the security and privacy of user information.

Employee and Contractor Access to Information: MONSTER limits access to personal information about you to those employees whom we reasonably believe need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to you or in order to do their jobs.

Education and Training for Employees: MONSTER has implemented a company-wide education and training program about security that is required of every MONSTER employee.


We reserve the right to send you certain communications relating to MONSTER services and your account with MONSTER, including but not limited to notifications, service announcements, and administrative messages without offering you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving them. Should you choose not to receive certain communications your access to or use of certain services may not be possible.

If MONSTER learns of a security systems breach we may attempt to notify you electronically so that you can take appropriate protective steps. MONSTER may post a notice on our Website if a security breach occurs. MONSTER may also send an email to you at the email address you have provided to us. Depending on where you live, you may have a legal right to receive notice of a security breach in writing. To receive free written notice of a security breach (or to withdraw your consent from receiving electronic notice) you should notify us at


Upon request, you will be informed of the existence, use and disclosure of your personal information and will be given access to that information. You will be able to challenge the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended as appropriate.


If you would like to update or correct any information that you have provided to use through your use of our Website or otherwise, please log in to your account on our Website and edit the information under “My Account” or you may contact Member Services at for assistance.


The Website may contain links to third party websites. We do not review or endorse the privacy practices of such third-party websites. You should do so.


The Website is not intended for children under the age of 18. If you have concerns that a child may have provided us personal information, please contact us at:


You will be able to address a challenge concerning compliance with the principles to the Privacy Officer who is accountable for our compliance.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our privacy compliance, please feel free to contact us at

You can also contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada for general assistance between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm (est) at:

Toll-free: 1-800-282-1376
Phone: (819) 994-5444
Fax: (819) 994-5424
TTY: (819) 994-6591
Or by mail at:
30 Victoria Street
Gatineau, Quebec
K1A 1H3

Or on the web at http://www.priv.gc.

12077124 Canada Inc.
Legal Department

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Increment Bidding Guidelines.

Increment bidding allows Copart to increase your entered bid by one and only one increment in the event your entered bid is tied with a bid from another member. If your bid is the highest bid, then your bid will NOT be incremented. Our increments are based on the following table :
Bid Range $ Increment $
0 - 5 1
5 - 40 5
40 - 100 10
100 - 1,000 25
1,000 - 5,000 50
5,000 - 25,000 100
25,000 - 50,000 250
50,000 - 100,000 500
100,000 - 9,999,999.99 1,000

Note: The bid increment checkbox is selected by default.

Example 1: You checked the increment bid box and bid $15,000. Another bid of $15,000 has already been placed. Your bid is placed next at $15,100 because you checked the increment bid box. The car sells to you at no more than $15,100 (unless another Member bids $15,200 or more, either during pre-bidding or in the live online auction).