How To Bid

01 Become a member of Monster Auto Auctions

Before you can start bidding, you must create an account first and be a member of Monster Auto Auctions.
The basic membership is FREE, but you can upgrade to an Advance or Premium membership for your buying needs.

02 Place a Deposit to Set Your Buying Power

A minimum deposit of $1080 is required to set your maximum possible bid or buyer power. Your deposit accounts for 20% of your buying power, so a deposit of $1080 puts your buying power at $5400

This deposit is refundable, provided you have no active bids or outstanding balances.

03 Browse Your Desired Vehicle

With Monster Auto Auction serving as a portal into the world’s giant auto auction—Copart—you have thousands of used & repairable salvage vehicles to choose from.
We conduct daily updates on our inventory, and you can search your desired vehicle using our advanced filter system. You can also add additional criteria to your searches, such as title type, location, vehicle condition, odometer, and more.

04 Inspect the Vehicle

We want our members to get what they want and avoid any unforeseen repairs. To do that, we encourage you to inspect the vehicle first. There are three ways on how you can do it.
  • You can inspect the vehicle yourself
  • Hire a third party to do it for you
  • Look for the ClearVin logo next to the VIN
  Monster Auto Auctions has partnered with ClearVin to provide easy-to-understand reports for any of your desired vehicles.

05 Know the Different Types Of Auction

Before you start bidding, it’s essential to understand that auctions fall into four different categories.

  • Pure Sale: The vehicle will go to the highest bidder at the end of the auction.
  • Buy it Now: Allows you to skip the bidding process if you are willing to pay the listed price, but fees still apply.
  • On Minimum Bid: If the minimum price is not met, the seller has the right not to sell the vehicle.
  • On Approval: Allows the seller of the vehicle to approve any bid before the sale of the vehicle.

06 The Two Bidding Phases

There are 2 bidding phases a vehicle goes through before it’s sold through auction.

  • Preliminary Bidding lasts one hour before the live auction, allowing you to outbid people before the live auction takes place. If you place a bid during this phase, it cannot be canceled.
  • Live Bidding is available only to Advance (Prequalified Member) and Premium+ members. This is a fast-paced bidding process, lasting only seconds. The process looks like this: whenever a bid is placed, the timer refreshes. And when the Bidding stops, the countdown timer will turn red, signaling that the Bidding is over and someone has won.
Preliminary bidding lasts until one hour before the live auction depending on the vehicle for sale. Once you place a bid, that bid is binding and cannot be canceled or retracted.

07 Wiring the Payment to Finalize the Sale

When you win an auction, you’ll receive an email and phone notification from our system. The email that you’ll receive contains the entire process to finalize the sale. In it, you’ll find the invoice and step-by-step instructions on making the payment.

We only accept payment via bank wire transfer, and we strongly recommend that you wire the payment on time to avoid any additional fees.

08 Shipping Your Vehicle

Monster Auto Auctions is a licensed NVOCC. Our global members can have their car shipped anywhere across their country. If you want to calculate the delivery cost and estimated customs fees, our advanced instant quote calculator can help you. Plus, if you choose to order shipping with us, you can now monitor and manage the entire shipping process from your Monster Auto Auction account.

If you’re from Canada, Monster Auto Auction offers the lowest transportation costs across the country. Save money and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

09 Documentation

Once you’re done with the payment and choose to order shipping with us, Monster Auto Auctions will provide customs clearance in Canada. We’ll send all documents to a receiving agent at the port of destination so that you can get your ownership documents together with your vehicle.
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Increment Bidding Guidelines.

Increment bidding allows Copart to increase your entered bid by one and only one increment in the event your entered bid is tied with a bid from another member. If your bid is the highest bid, then your bid will NOT be incremented. Our increments are based on the following table :
Bid Range $ Increment $
0 - 5 1
5 - 40 5
40 - 100 10
100 - 1,000 25
1,000 - 5,000 50
5,000 - 25,000 100
25,000 - 50,000 250
50,000 - 100,000 500
100,000 - 9,999,999.99 1,000

Note: The bid increment checkbox is selected by default.

Example 1: You checked the increment bid box and bid $15,000. Another bid of $15,000 has already been placed. Your bid is placed next at $15,100 because you checked the increment bid box. The car sells to you at no more than $15,100 (unless another Member bids $15,200 or more, either during pre-bidding or in the live online auction).